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Headteacher Awards

Headteacher awards are given out each half term for outstanding achievements.

May  2019


Reception Class RH - Harry and Amber


Reception Class RR - Aara and Harrison


Year 1H - Mia an Evie


Year 1R - Toby and Amber


Year 2H - Joshua and Freddie


Year 3H - Amy and Louis


Year 4H - Alfie and Karmen


Year 5H - Sunnie and Michael


Year 6H - Bethany and Muhammad


Year 6R - Connie-Lee and Muhammad

February 2019


Reception Class RH - Samuel and Aiden


Reception Class RR - Amy-Leigh and Oliver


Year 1H - Maya & Buster


Year 1R - Kayla and Jacob


Year 2H - Anjelia and Brandon


Year 3H - Kaiden and Harrison


Year 4H - Lashya and Leila


Year 5H - Gibreel and Alice


Year 6H - Fynn and Enola


Year 6R - Freddie and Odelia