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Hogarth Governors Awards

Hogarth Governors Awards 2017 -2018


  1. Attitude and Application Award

This is award is for a child who always gives 100% and never gives up. This child is known across the school for their manners, politeness, helpfulness and commitment. They have overcome barriers and worked hard to achieve or exceed the targets that they have had set……

Our award for 2018 is shared by two individuals.


Attitude and Application Award goes to: Jaqueline and Max 


  1. Continuous Contribution Award

Commitment is the theme for these awards. This award is for someone who is happy to give up their time to help. Is willing to pick up after others and make sacrifices without moaning. This person is responsible, giving, self-less and continually been seen as a supportive person or project promoter at Hogarth. The staff believed this had to include starting and maintaining our garden club and collecting foods from our vegetable garden.


          Continuous Contribution goes to: Sara 


  1. John Howells Award – Pupil of the Year

Mr Howells put the heart in to Hogarth and we would never want that to change. We want pupils that want to strengthen our community; a child who gives back to the school and makes the right choices. This award can be about being noticed for not being noticed or for embracing the ethos of Hogarth and fulfilling C.O.N.F.I.D.E.N.T. The staff were split as the winners each bring something different…..the award is to be shared by two individuals.


John Howells Award goes to: Darcy and Riley 


  1. ‘Clarkey’ Performance Award

Mr Clarke watched the show. He was torn to start with but decided there was a clear winner. They maintained their efforts even when they were not centre stage!


‘Clarkey Performance’ Award goes to: Nicola 


  1. Two ‘outstanding’ pupils are picked for our top award - a boy and a girl. Both of these children have exceeded expectation and targets set in final assessments. They work hard and are committed to reaching their full potential. Both are role models. They have been recognised for being consistent in great behaviour, work ethic, attendance and punctuality. They have been supportive friends, motivated peers and disciplined pupils. They have both been a great team player or been reported by others as being outstanding whilst attending an extra curriculum club, event at another school or club. A true Hogarth kid!


Our BOY Hogarth Shield of Excellence goes to: Freddie


       Our GIRL Hogarth Shield of Excellence goes to: Daisy


Previous Winners


Attitude and Application Award

2017 - Liam Whiting

2016 - Nathan Ley

2015 - Kasey Lane

2014 - Melanie Farrow

2013 - Dylan McCrimmon

2012 - Holly Radford


Continuous Contribution Award

2017 - Robyn Spurling

2016 - Freddie Felton

2015 - Rubi Attfield

2014 - Jordan Mann & Rachel Cummings

2013 - Alice Biddle

2012 - Megan Towner


Hogarth Shield of Excellence  

2018 - Freddie & Daisy

2017 - Wardah Tayyab & Ewan Murray

2016 - Capucine Caudrelier and Lewis Biddle

2015 - Connor Reid & Megan Saitch

2014 - Jake Trowbridge & Holly Herbert

2013 - Anna Joy Ionescu & Luis Makil & Julian Aubrey

2012 – Brooke Deyes & Nathan Jabialu


John Howells Award

2018 - Darcy & Riley

2017 - Amirah Ahmed

2016 - Samantha Hull

2015 - Megan Muir, Megan Deyes, Max Reid & Aaron Jones


The 'Clarkey' Performance Award

2017 - Billy Steer