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Curriculum Music

Here at Hogarth Primary we are passionate about music and see the positive ripple effect it has on other learning areas through out strong cross curricular approach.

We are one of the only schools in Essex that give every child in the school 30 minuets a week curriculum music lessons delivered by a qualified music specialist. 

These lessons cover:

                                  -learning to play glockenspiel and other percussion instruments 

                                  -vocal work to improve technique 

                                  -music appreciation learning to analyze sound

                                  -music theory including learning to read and write rhythmic notation

                                  -Learning to use and understand interrelated dimensions of music


This quality provision sees our children leaving school confident to perform in front of the class with a strong understanding of music and being able to read and write rhythmic notation with understanding and insight into a songs structure.

Lastly and maybe the most important thing of all, our children leave with a love for the subject with many carrying on their music education journeys into secondary school and beyond. We are very proud of our music department.