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Class 1R

Welcome to Year 1R!



Welcome to our Home Learning Page 


Hi 1R!

Please visit our page regularly to find new and exciting learning opportunities. I will be adding lots of new things so keep visiting our page. Have fun learning with your families!


Week beginning: 6th July 

Hi everyone, 


I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I am glad that you received  my letter in the post and I am hoping that you will write back soon. We are going to have our first zoom session this week so that I can say hello to you all and so that you can share your work.

I can't wait to see you all!

Mrs Luckie 

Mrs Smith is going to take over our page for the next few weeks while some of our class return to school and I am in school. Please email Mrs Smith if you have any questions and she will get back to you promptly: 

We can communicate as a class through google classroom.

We will upload the learning that is taking place in school on our website. I have attached a plan for this half term. It is an overview of the learning we would be completing this term. It is linked to our topic, Sun, Sea and Sand. 


From Mrs Luckie



Please continue to read each day. You have all made so much progress with your reading, keep it up!

Please continue to practise developing your phonic knowledge. This can be done through reading, phonic games and the on line resources below. 

Journey Stick Challenge 

Have you ever seen a journey stick before? They are a great way to record one of your walks. All you need is a stick and some rubber bands or string. On your walk, collect objects as you go. Make sure the adult with you says it is safe to pick up. Attach them to your stick. When you are back home, retell the story of your walk using your stick. Can you write it as a recount? 

Remember time language such as: First, second, after, finally.





Growing up: Poetry 


Over the next couple of week, we are going to think about the theme' Growing up'. This is in order to reflect on this year and to think about our next year in year 2. Look at the poems attached and explore the theme of 'Growing up'. Remember to share your work on the google classroom and through email. 


Week beginning 6th July: Comparing Materials 




Science challenge of the week 


Times Tables 

I have added some tests that you can use to help you to remember your times tables. Please look at the link below. If you do not have a printer at home, you could write down your calculations on paper. 



If you have any maths related queries that I can help you with, please email me at: and I will do my best to email you back as quickly as I can. Thank you, Mrs Peacock. 

More maths activities to do at home



Suggested Year 1 Timetable 

Daily reading

Phonics/Year 1 common exception words 

English/Writing activity  



Alternate: Science/ Topic/Physical activity

Wellbeing Activities

Kids yoga and mindfulness to STAY STRONG 💪🌈

A 50 minute compilation of yoga adventures, mindfulness and guided relaxations - with themes around courage, thinking positive and staying peaceful. 🌈 0:00 P...


Hello to my Hogarth music lovers!

If you go to the 'enrichment' icon on the home webpage there is an assembly song tab with lots of songs for you to sing along to at home!

Choir and music makers you know where to find all your own resources under the 'parent' icon

Keep Singing!

Mrs Herbert.    

We are Confident Readers 

In reading, we are learning to: 

  • apply phonic knowledge  and skills to decode words.
  • Respond speedily to the correct sound of all 40 phonemes (see  picture  below)
  • Read common exception words.
  • Read books aloud, using phonic knowledge.
  • Reread books to build fluency and confidence in reading.
  • Listen to and discuss a wide range of poems,stories and non-fiction at a level above what they can read.
  • Checking the text makes sense to them,self correcting when it doesn't
  • Make inferences on what is being said or done.
  • Predict what might happen next.

Please continue to read and share books each day.

There are  comprehensions questions below to use at home.

I have included websites to help support develop phonic skills