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'Star of the Week' - Friday 3rd July is... Max Pass!


Congratulations and well done for engaging well with home learning and completing some interesting work.  


Welcome to our Home Learning Page 


What is happening now?

I hope you are all managing to keep up your practises in English and Maths. I have updated this webpage with some new work for you to  try, this follows the plans that we would have been covering in class together. For English, we are going to focus on the book 'The Iron Man'. Our new unit for Maths is 'Time' and our topic title is 'We'll Meet Again' which focuses on World War 2. 


Do feel free to  email me any questions or finished work you would like me to look at:

You are also able to share work and conversation with each other in our Google Classroom. Google Classroom can be used between 9am-4pm Monday-Friday- please remember to use polite language and conversation at all times. 


Best wishes, 

Mr Rushden 

Suggested Weekly Timetable

English Week 5, 6th July 


We are going to continue to learn about the book ' The Iron Man'. I have allocated a new chapter to your active learn page. Have a look and read chapter three. 


The main character in the story is called Hogarth! This was one of my favourite books as a child. We are going to explore the author’s use of powerful language to capture our imaginations, including similes. We will revise our knowledge of speech marks, composing a conversation, and focus on the character Hogarth’s feelings to write diary entries in role. For the final writing task, you will create your own imaginary creature, thinking of similes and powerful noun phrases to describe it, and write a story about what happens when it encounters humans.

Maths Week 5, 06/07/2020


Our unit this week is Angles.  


The objectives for this unit are: 


  • To be able to identify angles, including right, obtuse and acute angles 
  • Compare and order angles 
  • Find angles within triangles and quadrilaterals 

Day 1: Identify Angles 

Day 2: Compare and Order Angles 

Day 3: Triangles 

Day 4 and 5: Quadrilaterals 

Topic: We'll Meet Again! 


Here are some ideas for our topic that you can do at home. You will also find a range of resources to help you. 


  • Create a timeline of the main events from World War 2.
  • Complete some research about Dunkirk. Consider what it would have been like for the soldiers and sailors of the Dunkirk evacuations.  
  • Make a model of a ship that could have been present at Dunkirk. Label your ship with details and facts that you have researched.
  • Complete some research about Churchill. Make a fact file or poster.
  • Complete some research about Hitler. Make a fact file or poster.
  • Complete some research about the planes that were used by British and German pilots.
  • Make a model of a Battle of Britain fighter plane. Label your plane.
  • Complete some research about children who had to be evacuated. What were the reasons for evacuation? Where were children sent to live?
  • Consider how a child may have felt when they were evacuated. Write a diary entry or a poem from a child’s perspective.
  • Make a model of a gas mask. Research what gas masks were used for.
  • Research why children in World War 2 were encouraged to eat carrots.
  • Make some carrot cookies.
  • Design and make a wartime table top game that an evacuee could have given as a present to a host family.
  • Research the idea of ‘rationing’ and create a poster about it.
  • Research D-Day Landings. Consider how people would have been feeling at the end of the war.


'We'll Meet Again' Resources 

Wellbeing Activities

Sport and Fitness




Mr. Rushden is in charge of art at Hogarth. He has written a special lesson for you to complete at home. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE SOME FINISHED PICTURES. Here is a new activity. It is ideal for making a picture of a river passing through a great city.

Religious Education 


Hello to my Hogarth music lovers!

If you go to the 'enrichment' icon on the home webpage there is an assembly song tab with lots of songs for you to sing along to at home!

Choir and music makers you know where to find all your own resources under the 'parent' icon

Keep Singing!

Mrs Herbert.    

Useful Resources 


If you would like to do any extra work whilst you are at home, you will find an abundance of resources on these helpful websites. 

Picture 1 SCIENCE - digestion preparing food.
Picture 2 Digestion: 'Chewing food.'
Picture 3 Digestion: Model stomach.
Picture 4 Visiting musicians.
Picture 5 Science and digestion - teeth
Picture 6 Science and digestion - Teeth
Picture 7 Tooth decay experiment
Picture 8 Tooth decay experiment
Picture 9 Science - sound.
Picture 1 ENGLISH Performing 'Red Riding Hood.'
Picture 2 HISTORY; Romano British life.
Picture 3 HISTORY: Gladiators.
Picture 4 HISTORY: Bestarius
Picture 5 HISTORY:Romano British Citizens.
Picture 6 HISTORY - gladiator.
Picture 7 HISTORY - Romano British girl.
Picture 1 WW2 project
Picture 2 WW2 project
Picture 3 Military collector
Picture 4 Blitz veteran - Ted
Picture 5 Blitz veteran- Ted
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8 Military historian