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Class 4H

                                                                                                     Summer Term Year 4


Dear parents and carers,


 Well it is the last term of the year and I have been teaching your children for over 15 months! - time passes so quickly! As usual, the children will all be expected to continue to work as hard as they can. I am delighted to say very many do, and these are the pupils who are making the best progress.



The topic this term is based on rivers. The very heart and source of life to many great cities around the world.


As the term plan shows it looks to be a fascinating area of study. My training, as a teacher, back in the mid 1970’s was based on humanities and science – so all the memories are flooding back! This is one of my favourite subjects – I hope to make it one of your child’s favourites too.



Your child will continue to receive English and maths homework in the form of times tables and spellings. This will go out on a Friday and be due back in on a Wednesday – for some there will also be ‘Mr. Bagwell’s special speed, practise sheets.’


Please continue to read regularly at home, at least 3 times a week would be lovely.   Discussing your child’s reading books is also extremely important, especially using how and why questions.


Two children in class 4H have made significant improvements in their maths in the Autumn term. This is in part due to their commitment to learning their tables, basic addition and subtraction. Fluency in these areas is of inestimable help.



Our PE sessions are on a Thursday mornings with coach Tariq. Please ensure that your child has their correct PE kit with them on this day in order that they can participate. It is very helpful to have all the children’s uniform clearly labelled.  Children with hair longer than shoulder length need to have itt tied back. Stud earrings must be removed, either by you or your child, prior to the session.



If you have any questions, concerns or queries please speak to me. I will be in the playground at the end of every day and I am on duty on Monday mornings. Should you need to chat with me please contact the office to arrange a meeting.  Please do not hesitate to do this as I would far rather communicate quickly and resolve a worry, or issue, than leave it. Also, please keep an eye on the school website for any further news and diary dates.


Kind Regards from


Mr. Rushden and with best wishes from Mr. Bagwell and Madame Coudrelier.




Picture 1 ART: Using acrylic paints - using glazes.
Picture 2 ART: Mixing acrylic paints - creating tones.
Picture 3 HISTORY: Roman army tactics.
Picture 4 FRENCH: J'ai perdu mon crayon et cahier d'Anglais.
Picture 5 SMSC: Understanding and using a ballot paper.
Picture 6 ENGLISH: Public speaking and reading.
Picture 7 ENGLISH: Learning how to speak in public.
Picture 8 TOPIC/DESIGN: How would you make a toy pugio?
Picture 9 TOPIC/ MATHS: Making a timeline when 1mm:1 year.
Picture 10 ENGLISH/ART Finding interesting words for a title
Picture 11 TOPIC/HISTORY/ENGLISH: Julius Ceasar
Picture 12 SCIENCE; Digestion - making a gut
Picture 13 Group presentation.
Picture 14 TOPIC/FOREST SCHOOL - Making a model Celtic home.
Picture 15 TOPIC/FOREST SCHOOL - Making a model Celtic home.
Picture 16 TOPIC/FOREST SCHOOL - Making a model Celtic home.
Picture 17 SCIENCE- Making a sandwich ready for 'digestion.'
Picture 18 TOPIC/FOREST SCHOOL - Making daub.
Picture 19 TOPIC/HISTORY/ENGLISH: Assassination!
Picture 20 Rifle used by Lily's dad in class reader.
Picture 21 GI helmet
Picture 22 Shrapnel helmet worn by Lily's dad
Picture 23 Nazi German helmet
Picture 24 Soviet helmet
Picture 25 Visiting military collector
Picture 26 FOOD TECH: War time recipe




We have P.E. every Thursday. This will require the children to wear their school sports kit. We are also undertaking, a stamina building, daily 10 minute run. No special kit is required for this.



Homework will be given out on a Friday.  It is to be completed by the following Wednesday. From time to time homework will include access to on-line practise programs.


Please listen to, and read with, your child at home and make a record in their reading diary. Remember, daily practice with an adult can increase your child's enthusiasm and understanding of  reading. It  will also enhance their progress. We hope you will be able to do this at least 3 times in 7 days


Please remember to remind your children to regularly practice their times tables, number bonds, and other mental arithmetic techniques, as well as their handwriting and spellings.


The weekly tables and expert challenge is undertaken on Thursdays with a  spelling test on Fridays.