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Year 5H- Miss Wharton-Adey and Mr Rushden

Welcome to Year 5H!



Tuesday 5th January 2021: First day of home learning 


Good morning Year 5 and a happy new year! Welcome back to Virtual school. 


I will be writing a daily update to give you an outline of the day that you should follow. We will be using DB primary, however I have created the English and Maths work already for you to complete without DB primary for now just so we can all get used to using it. 


I have attached three different plans labelled, Lizard, Magpie and Horse. If you normally complete the maths activities were the boat is at the top of the water then follow the Lizard planning. If you normally complete the maths activities with the boat in the middle of the ocean then complete the Magpie planning and if you usually complete the maths activities with the boat at the bottom of the sea then follow the Horse planning. If you are not sure feel free to email me and I will let you know. The planning will be attached underneath this.


So the plan for today: 

9am-10am: English

10am-10.30am: Break 

10.30am-11.30am: Maths 

11.30am-12pm: Complete some of the tasks set on DB primary. The different tasks are: 

- Online respect

- 'ei' after c and 'ough'

- Measurement challenge 1

12pm-1pm: Lunch 

1pm-2pm: Art/Topic activity 

2pm-3pm: Home challenge


I will put up the work for this afternoon at lunch time. If you can show me your work using DB primary sending me a mail message to show me your work that would be great, but obviously I understand if you are still not sure how to use that then just email me on 


If you have any problems getting on to DB primary or any admin issues please email Mrs. Sullivan:


In the meantime have a go at the English and Maths work and let me know how you get on! 


Have a lovely day, 


Miss. Wharton- Adey 





Home Learning- January 2021

We will be providing remote learning for our pupils through the DB Primary platform. This can be accessed at:


The children will be required to use the username and password that was issued to them as part of their home learning pack at the end of the autumn term.

It is important that children keep their username and password safe and that they do not share it with friends or family.


Once your child has logged into DB Primary they will be able to see the homepage for their class and any tasks their teacher has set for them. It is an expectation that these tasks are completed so that every child can continue to make progress with their learning.


As a school, we will monitor the work that the children do. Although we understand how difficult the current circumstances are, it is important that every child has a daily maths, English (phonics) and topic lesson. Where possible, please follow the timetable that has been set out on DB Primary so that our children learning from home receive the same provision as those who have been offered a full-time school place (following Government Guidance).


As part of the DB Primary platform, your child will be able to use a forum to keep in touch with their friends and teachers. Please discuss the safety implications of this with your child:

  • Anything your child puts onto DB Primary can be seen by members of staff.
  • Sensible behaviour must be used when accessing the blogs or forums
  • Make sure that any pictures you upload (profile picture, or pictures in posts) are suitable for a school audience
  • Be kind when leaving comments on other’s work
  • DBPrimary has an automatic profanity filter which is designed to block any inappropriate language, which also includes ambiguous words such as ‘hate’.
  • All messages can be reviewed, checked and traced to the sender.
  • Teachers can block the message sending option if they think it necessary.
  • Any inappropriate content can be reported to staff at the school by clicking on the whistle icon.


As a school, our staff are working collaboratively and we have organised for key members of staff to be our administrative support. Should you have any queries or concerns, please contact:


Reception- Mrs McIntosh-

Year 1- Mrs Wright-

Year 2 and Year 3 – Miss Mzoumi-

Years 4, 5 and 6- Mrs Sullivan-


We hope that having access to DB Primary will be a helpful way in which you can support your child at home and that children can begin to take responsibility for furthering their own learning independently.


Tuesday 10th November 2020


Good morning Year 5. Well done for your brilliant work last week after a well earned half term break. 


In English, we have enjoyed starting our new topic 'Animals on the move', which included us researching which animal has had the toughest migration journey. We have also started to look at features of a fact file ready to create our own one this week using the netbooks.  We have practised using relative clauses for picture captions and have enjoyed gathering our knowledge about different animals. 


In Maths, we have started our new topic 'Statistics' which mainly focused on interpreting and drawing line graphs. This has been really enjoyable to understand the process of data recording and how to gather information. We will be continuing this topic this week as well as looking at the tables and timetables. 


In Science, we have finished our topic of 'Earth and Space' with a wonderful activity last week of making a moon habitat. We have enjoyed learning about the different planets in the solar system. This week we are starting our new topic 'Life Cycles' where we will be completing some practical activities using plants to investigate different life cycles. 


So we have lots to look forward to in the coming weeks and lots of excellent learning opportunities. Please keep up the hard work and positive approach to learning. I am really proud of the progress you are all making which is thanks to all the effort you are putting in. Just a reminder, please ensure you have your PE kits on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Make sure you are continuing to read three times a week at home and as always any questions please feel free to email me on:


Have a lovely learning week, 


Miss. Wharton-Adey, Mr. Rushden and Mrs. Geggus. 

Tuesday 13th October 2020


Hello year 5, well done for your amazing start to the week. We have had a fantastic week learning about column method addition in Maths for four digit numbers. We have focused on what 'exchanging' means and how we use it within Maths. This week we will be continuing this process through the use of column subtraction. Again we will look at the value of the digit and how to exchange numbers. 


In English, we have continued our topic of Friend or Foe. We have enjoyed finishing the book last week and writing a book review. This week we will continue to focus on Friend or Foe looking at the use of figurative language. We will also have the opportunity to re-write a scene and act it out which will be great fun! 


In Science, we are continuing our topic of Earth and Space. We have done some brilliant practical activities with Mrs. Beco including making the Earth on its axis and showing how the planets orbit the sun. 


Can I just remind you all that you need to be reading at least three times a week at home, practising your times tables and weekly spellings. This is really important and is something you should continue to work on. Also just a reminder that you should have your full PE kit on Tuesdays and Thursdays for when we have PE scheduled. 


Let's continue to have a fantastic working week, well done year five! 


Miss. Wharton-Adey, Mr. Rushden and Mrs Geggus

Thursday 17th September 2020


Welcome back to Hogarth year five! 


It has been a pleasure to have you all back and eager to learn. You have all worked really hard during your lessons within the first two weeks back and I am proud of you all. 


We have been working on place value in Mathematics. In particular the value of a digit based on where it is within a number and we have also touched on rounding to the nearest 10,100 and 1000.  Next week we will continue to focus on place value by comparing and ordering numbers. 


In English, we have started the year with a lovely unit about poetry. We have been learning different features of poetry, acting poems out, creating poems and even writing letters as a character from the poem. Well done for working so hard on this! Next week we will continue on poetry and learning poems off by heart.


In science, we have begun our topic on 'Space' and have enjoyed some practical investigations with Mrs. Beco. 


We have started our topic 'Revolutionary Steam' focusing on the Victorians, we have been using the book 'Street Child' to analyse the different lifestyle the Victorians had to us today. 


Just a reminder to you all PE is on Tuesdays and Thursdays so please make sure you have your PE kit ready. Homework and reading diaries are given out on Monday and kept at home until Friday when these will be collected and marked ready for Monday. 


Keep up the hard work Year 5! 


Miss. Wharton-Adey, Mr. Rushden and Mrs. Geggus

Weekly timetable

Art Project

Multiplication Tables 

I have added some tests that you can use to help you to remember your times tables. Please look at the link below. If you do not have a printer at home, you could write down your calculations on paper. 

If you have any maths related queries that I can help you with, please email me at: and I will do my best to email you back as quickly as I can. Thank you, Mrs Peacock. 


Hello to my Hogarth music lovers!

If you go to the 'enrichment' icon on the home webpage there is an assembly song tab with lots of songs for you to sing along to at home!

Choir and music makers you know where to find all your own resources under the 'parent' icon

Keep Singing!

Mrs Herbert.