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Welcome to Class 6H 2019-2020


Here you will find out lots of information about what we have been up to during the school day.

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Welcome to our Home Learning Page 


Hi 6H!

Please visit our page regularly to find new and exciting learning opportunities. I will be adding lots of new things so keep visiting our page. Have fun learning with your Families!

From Mr Gosnell


  ??  Our Big Question  ??

We will have a 'big question' each week to get us thinking! Explain what you think the answer may be to your family and carers. Why do you think this? Can you think of examples to support your answers? Refer back to your previous learning to help you find evidence to support your view.

'Can one person change the world?' 


Riddle Detectives!

Can you work out this riddle? What could you be? why do you think this?

'What is full of holes but can still hold water? '


English Task of the Week


I wonder…

Have a look at the link:

Use this picture to answer the questions provided. Every day, the challenges will change, and different images will appear. Try to write stories and answer the questions provided to help you develop your inference and deduction skills.

I would love to see what you have written. Email me your creations:


Photo/Video of the week 


We will have a different video or photo each week to inspire our writing using descriptive vocabulary . Write a description of this, using writing techniques that create a sense of atmosphere. 




Maths Challenge


Draw a rectangle and divide it into quarters diagonally. Cut the shape up into 4 triangles. Rearrange the triangles to make other shapes. How many different shapes can you make? Can you classify them? Can you describe them? 


Hello to my Hogarth music lovers!

If you go to the 'enrichment' icon on the home webpage there is an assembly song tab with lots of songs for you to sing along to at home!

Choir and music makers you know where to find all your own resources under the 'parent' icon

Keep Singing!

Mrs Herbert.    



Below is an overview of the focus of our learning in class. Please continue this learning at home. 

In Science, we have been learning about our heart and how we can keep healthy.  In a group, we are making our own documentaries to share with our fellow peers.

Below you will find all of the relevant information about our class. Please keep visiting our page to see what we have been doing over the course of the academic year.

Ways to help your child at home
We will be learning all about World War One and have linked our core subjects to this topic.

6H Visit to Dunton Hills Garden Villlage 24.9.19

In Forest School, we made shelters to protect us from the elements. We worked in small groups and communicated effectively with our peers to create some imaginative temporary homes.



We have P.E. every Tuesday and Wednesday. Please ensure your child has the correct, labelled kit in school and earrings are removed.


Homework is given out on a Friday and is due back in school the following Wednesday


Please read with your child as often as possible at home and write a comment in their reading diary. Reading diaries will be collected every Friday where children should have at least four signatures from home. Daily practice with an adult can increase their enthusiasm and help them progress even further.


Please see below some useful resources to help with your child's learning:

Please have a browse at our class timetable, topic web and newsletter.