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Hogarth Primary School
CM15 8BG

Telephone: 01277 212216

Email: (See below for email contacts)





Miss N Butcher

Head Teacher

Mr S Rushden

Assistant Head Teacher,

Year 5H Class Teacher & Creative Lead

Mrs L SmithAssistant Head Teacher


Mr S Gosnell

Year 6H Class Teacher & English Lead

Miss K Wharton-Adey

Year 5H Class Teacher and PE Lead


Mr S Beavis

Year 4H Class Teacher

Mrs S Weston

Year 3H Class Teacher & Humanities Lead

Miss H Bamrah

Year 3R Class Teacher & Science Lead

Miss A Thurston

Year 2H Class Teacher

Miss L Luckie

Year 2R Class Teacher  & RE Lead

Miss A Coady

Year 1H Class Teacher & Reading & Phonics Lead

Mrs V Peacock

Acting Assistant Head Teacher,

Year 1R Class Teacher and Maths Lead

Mrs S McIntosh

Acting SENCO, EYFS Lead & Reception Class RH Teacher

Mrs V Trowbridge

Home School Liaison

Mrs A Wright
Mrs L Reddy
Mrs K Sullivan
Mrs K Hookham
Mrs S Towner
Mrs P Geggus
Miss H Jones
Mr G Bagwell
Mrs S Beco

Mrs H Herbert

Mrs A Rusz

Mrs J Caudrelier

Mrs R Davidson

Mrs E Szczepanik

Miss M Mzoumi

Miss H Clarke

Learning / Special Needs Assistant

Mrs V Dodge

Finance & Personnel Manager

Mrs K Owens

School Secretary and Admissions- 

First response for queries relating to parents and other members of the public.

Mr T Oliver


Mr W Ayres

Site Manager

Mr D Crickmore

Mrs G Rose
Miss J Lyddiatt
Miss S Fowler


Kitchen Supervisor

Kitchen Assistant
Kitchen Assistant
Kitchen Assistant

Mrs K Hookham
Miss H Jones
Mr G Bagwell
Miss M Mzoumi

Mrs E Szczepanik

Mrs Fowler

Mrs Thangavelu



Midday Assistants

Mr T MooreSports
Mrs V CostaBreakfast
Miss UsherAfternoon


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