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Discovery Educational Trust

Discovery Educational Trust


Hogarth Primary School joined the Discovery Educational Trust on 1st September, 2023.  


Discovery Educational Trust is a multi-academy trust comprising of five schools:


  • Chase High School, Southend
  • Hogarth Primary School, Brentwood
  • Kelvedon Hatch Community Primary School, Brentwood
  • Larchwood Primary School, Brentwood
  • St Martin's School, Brentwood


Discovery Educational Trust aims to develop a vibrant partnership of primary and secondary schools, all united in one goal; to provide the best possible learning experience and environment, not only for children currently attending one of the schools, but also for the next generation of pupils.


Discovery Educational Trust's core purpose is to improve the life chances of our pupils, maximising their achievements, both academic and social.


To find out more about Discovery Educational Trust, please see the Trust's website:

Discovery Educational Trust


The Trust website includes links to all Trust Policies, as well as Governance details and Financial and Funding detail, including links to the Trust’s annual accounts, Funding Agreements, Executive Pay detail and Gender Pay Gap Report.


The Trust’s Trading Disclosure is available here.