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We are proud of the eco work we do at Hogarth. Every class from Reception to Year 6 has a dedicated 'Eco Warrior' who meets with our Forest School Lead (Mrs Beco) every half term. Mrs Beco is always looking for new eco projects to be involved with. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please email: 

Together the Eco Committee discuss many important issues relating to the 3R's: "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle", including: 


What materials can be recycled? 

How can we make sure that every class recycles their waste products? 

How can we reduce the number of computers and lights that are used throughout the school? 

Why should we remember to turn taps off when they're not in use?

How can we respect the environment? 


The Eco Warriors are responsible for sharing information between the Eco Committee and their respective classes and vice versa. The Eco Committee have considered and implemented practical solutions to their discussions, including hosting weeks where the whole school go outside for their learning (reducing the amount of electricity needed in the school building), encouraging children to walk to school, putting recycling bins in each classroom and growing their own vegetable garden.