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Welcome to our French page! 

Our French specialist is Madame Caudrelier. If you have any queries or ideas regarding this area of the curriculum, please contact her by email:



At Hogarth primary school, our intent is to provide all of our children with a high-quality introduction to the French language. We hope that by the time our children have finished their primary education, they have acquired an understanding of both spoken and written French, confidence to speak in French with other’s and know how important other languages can be for their future.



We believe that learning another language is not only fun, but broadens knowledge of different cultures and fosters a greater understanding of the world. France is not only geographically close to the UK, our histories have been inextricably linked for thousands of years. As well as this, the French language, with its roots in Latin, is a perfect introduction to learning other European languages.


French teaching at Hogarth Primary School is based upon guidelines set out in the National Curriculum. Beginning a second language at primary school can inspire a love for the subject at an early age, equipping children with a strong foundation for further study at secondary school. As it is recognised that a second language should be started as early as possible, here at Hogarth, children begin learning French in EYFS. From then until the end of Key Stage 1, the learning is through songs, nursery rhymes and games to engage the youngest children. The focus here is on the pronunciation of words and simple phrases. Another favourite method of teaching is ‘kinaesthetic learning’, a system of linking sounds and words to body actions.


In Key Stage 2, the pupils’ confidence grows as they progress up the school. Although French songs and games are still taught, the focus shifts to reading and writing in order to recognise the rules of French grammar and phonics. By the time pupils reach the end of Year 6, they can converse about many subjects relating to daily life and have been exposed to the culture, traditions, and even the world-famous gastronomy of our Gallic neighbours.


Formally, French is taught for half-an-hour a week in each class. However, on a daily basis, French is integrated into the daily life of the school. The Headteacher, teachers and LSAs are encouraged to use French greetings and phrases when entering classrooms. In addition, children are encouraged to respond with “Merci beaucoup” when served their food from kitchen staff who wish them, “Bon appétit!” Also, in the dinner hall, there is a large French wall display that supports the translation of food names.


Teachers can be heard regularly taking their morning register saying, “Bonjour,” and including French in their topic each term, as part of Hogarth’s cross-curricular ethos. French songs are sung in special assemblies. As well as in the classroom, the Office staff can be heard using key French phrases when talking to children too! Objects around the school are labelled in French, enabling children (and staff) to effortlessly acquire key vocabulary. Even the Forest School teacher has labelled the school garden and vegetable patch in both English and French.


We are lucky and fortunate to have all our French lessons, taught by a specialist French teacher, who comes from the North of France and is a passionate advocate of her country and culture. As a member of our Hogarth community, Madame Caudrelier is dedicated in sharing her love of France with children and staff.



Through ‘Assessment for Learning’ pupils understanding and confidence in using the French language is evaluated. This knowledge is used to plan for future lessons.



One language sets you in a corridor for life.

Two languages open every door along the way.”

(Frank Smith)