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Hogarth sport achievements: November 2020


Thank you to all the parents who have emailed me regarding your child's sports achievements outside of school. I have been filled with pleasure reading all about which sports the children take part in outside of school. 


I want to say a big congratulations to: 


1. Grace, Anissa, Olivia and Amy in year five and Emily and Leila in year six for managing to achieve their blue belts in Karate. This is a fantastic achievement girls, as a Karate enthusiast myself I know how much effort and determination you need to complete this. You must all be so proud of yourself as am I of you all! 


2. Charlie in year three who is a brilliant striker for his football team and is the top scorer this season! Well done Charlie, who knows we may have the next Harry Kane in our school?


3. Olivia in year one who has managed to complete her red belt in Karate. Fantastic work Olivia, keep up the hard work! 


I am looking forward to hearing more sports stories. Feel free to email me on to send me your achievements. 


Miss. Wharton-Adey

Sport at Hogarth 2020-2021


Hello Hogarth, welcome back to school. It has been lovely to see you all at school after all this time. 


I am Miss. Wharton-Adey and I am delighted to announce that I am the PE lead this year for the school.  As a trained PE specialist teacher and an active member of many different sporting communities, I strongly believe and know through my own personal experiences how important exercise is in our lives. It is now more important than ever to actively pursue a healthy lifestyle.


Due to the current Covid restrictions there are no school clubs or competitions. However, Hogarth has ensured that all children in our care have access to engaging, inclusive and fun PE lessons during the week. We also continue to be delighted to have Tarik, a professional sports coach and semi-professional footballer continuing to work with all classes throughout the school. 


Furthermore, I am very pleased to announce that all classes are still actively taking part in "The Daily Mile" programme. We currently have a competition between the classes to complete a class passport in order to win a prize. Every time a class completes a ten minute run they move along the class passport until they eventually reach a country. Once they have reached all the countries they would have completed the passport.


I would love to hear of any individual sporting stories/achievements outside of school that I can share on this page, so please do not hesitate to email me to let me know about these achievements or if you have any queries in regards to PE. 


Last but by no means least, please continue to support your child at home by encouraging them to exercise when they can.  


Looking forward to hearing from you, 

Miss. Wharton-Adey.