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Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs

We aim to promote this British Value by demonstrating respect and tolerance towards other beliefs and faiths. For example:
  • Working as a group to create an environment that includes values and promotes different faiths, cultures and views.
  • Providing opportunities for the children to make links with the wider community, for example, outings to local places, inviting family members or speakers to visit the setting or making links with a local charity.
  • Encouraging children to learn about other faiths, cultures and traditions, families, communities and ways of life.
  • We encourage the children to share their experiences with the class and allow the children to recognise similarities and differences between themselves and others. For example, learning about festivals and special days, different types of family units, different occupations and places around the world.
  • Encouraging children to learn about the world around them – both locally and globally.