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Welcome to Hogarth Primary School



I am proud to be the headteacher at Hogarth Primary School and I am encouraged by our recent judgement from Ofsted.


“Pupils are respectful and they behave well in lessons and around school. They are confident and proud of their achievements and of the achievements of others in school.” Ofsted 2016


We work as a team and recognise that collaboration and support of all of our members will enhance and improve the experience for the children in our care. We insist that our staff, governors, parents and pupils understand the need to work together; the need to celebrate success; to embrace change and to strive to reach ones full potential.


The vast majority of parents are very supportive of the school. They appreciate the family-orientated approach.’ Ofsted 2016

As a member of Hogarth School, we want you to value the differing qualities of each individual. We expect you to share a vision to inspire and nurture; to be confident to challenge and dream of greatness. At Hogarth we want every individual to be proud of them self, whilst respecting, valuing and celebrating other’s differences. Having a good knowledge and understanding of the world around you is essential – we want our members to show consideration for other’s cultures and religions.

At Hogarth we hold all our children’s needs – socially, emotionally and academically - at the centre of all we do. We expect the relationship between parent, teacher and child to be respectful and we endeavour to work together to ensure our children follow the rules and respect the school’s vision and ethos. We work in partnership to support our children’s growth and development and, together, we have high expectations for their outcome. We teach our children to become independent and show them the importance of taking responsibility of their own actions and decisions – that means a ‘no excuses’ attitude.  


‘The early years provision is good and all children now make at least good progress from low starting points when they first start school.’ Ofsted 2016


Our curriculum is broad and well balanced. We believe it is essential that all children make good progress in reading, writing and arithmetic. However, we believe creativity is important too – there are many of us with artistic talents, so we enhance these skills through our cross curriculum topics; we offer a very rich variety of extra-curricular activities too .


‘The curriculum is planned well. It contains many interesting and exciting learning opportunities which pupils thoroughly enjoy. It promotes pupils’ personal development well and prepares them for life in modern Britain.’ Ofsted 2016


Miss Butcher

Head Teacher

Hogarth Primary School
Riseway, Brentwood
CM15 8BG

01277 212216





"Pupils experience a safe, vibrant and welcoming environment that encourages learning and celebrates achievement. Appealing outside spaces offer a choice of activities and ensure that lunch and play times are fun.


Ofsted July 2016



"Hogarth is a real gem in our community. The pupils are the future of our town" 


Councillor Mike Le-Surf

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All you need to know about Hogarth School created by Nadine & Trisha in Year 6H

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