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Ofsted Report

Here is the link to Hogarth Primary School's Ofsted page.


Since the last inspection in February 2023, the school has joined the Discovery Educational Trust.  We have a brand new Senior Leadership Team in place along with a new team of dedicated and passionate staff who are working tirelessly to make the changes identified in the last report.


Hogarth Primary School has seen many changes since September 2023:


  • An ambitious, consistent and progressive curriculum is in place for all subjects.
  • A wealth of extra-curricular opportunities for the children.
  • Rigorous monitoring of teaching and learning by the Senior Leadership Team.
  • An open-door policy:  improved parental engagement and communication.
  • Improved attendance figures.
  • Regular continuous professional development for all staff.
  • Working closely with the Essex Venn Maths Hub.
  • Improved classroom and whole-school environment.