At Hogarth Primary School, we build positive relationships by being…reflective, resilient, respectful and responsible.
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Every member of our school community is valued and we want all of our children to fulfill their potential. We are extremely proud of our pupils who are supported in their learning by dedicated staff and we aim to work in partnership with our families. Our motto, Explore, Discover, Learn, reflects this ethos. At Hogarth Primary School, we believe that children learn best if they are motivated and challenged. Therefore, we aim to deliver a challenging, creative curriculum that provides meaningful and enriching learning experiences. We encourage educational visits and we aim to expose every child to a wide range of opportunities. The school puts great emphasis on raising standards in Reading, Writing and Maths. We will continue to provide opportunities for our families to discuss the progress their children are making; workshops informing parents and carers how to support learning at home and invite families into school to celebrate children's achievements. We look forward to welcoming you at Hogarth.