The Department for Education's National Curriculum says -

Research shows that when phonics is taught in a structured way, starting with the easiest sounds and progressing through to the most complex, it is the most effective way of teaching young children to read. It is particularly helpful for 5- to 7-year-old children.


Please see below our curriculum provision for Phonics -


Intent, Implementation, Impact

Phonics Intent

Supporting Reading at Home

  • Children will only read books that are entirely decodable, this means that they should be able to read these books as they already know the code contained within the book.
  • We only use pure sounds when decoding words (no ‘uh’ after the sound)
  • We want children to practise reading their book at least 3 times a week working on these skills  -
Decode – sounding out and blending to read the word.
Fluency – reading words with less obvious decoding.
Expression – using intonation and expression to bring the text to life!

We must use pure sounds when we are pronouncing the sounds and supporting children in reading words. If we mispronounce these sounds, we will make reading harder for our children. Please watch the videos below for how to accurately pronounce these sounds.


Phase 2 Pronunciation Video

Phase 3 Pronunciation Video

Phase 5 Pronunciation Video