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Remote Learning

Welcome to our Remote Learning Page! 

At Hogarth Primary School, we deliver remote learning through the use of the DB Primary Platform. This is accessed during any school closures and for weekly homework provision. 


The portal for using DB Primary is:


Should your child have any difficulty in accessing DB Primary or require a paper copy of any work that has been set, please speak to your child's class teacher who will be able to provide this for you (completely free of charge). 


If your child forgets their login details or needs their password to be re-set, please email Miss Butcher: 



These resources will help you to access remote learning (DB Primary): 

Primary Catch-up Premium 

We have been given additional government funding to support children within a recovery curriculum, following the period of remote learning. As a school, we have spent this money on our: 

DB Primary Learning Platform (£5,150) 

Third Space Learning provision for Year 5 and Year 6 (£687.50) 


The effectiveness of these interventions will be measured by teacher assessments and use of standardised test data- PUMA, PIRA and GaPS.