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Hogarth Primary School

Welcome toHogarth Primary School

Vision and Values

Every member of our school community is valued and we want all of our children to fulfill their potential. We are extremely proud of our pupils who are supported in their learning by dedicated staff and we aim to work in partnership with our families.


Our Vision


Explore, Discover, Learn 

Hogarth Primary School seeks to develop our children’s learning potential so that they become respectful, responsible, reflective and resilient learners. Our vision, aims and values seek to develop caring, considerate, compassionate individuals who aim to achieve their personal best in whatever they do.  As a school, we are passionate about teaching and learning, committed to children achieving their full potential and determined to provide innovative and inspirational learning opportunities to ensure that our pupils can become the best that they can be.  As a school, we recognise that our aims and values can only be achieved through parents, children and staff discovering, exploring and learning together.


This involves maintaining a Learning Climate based on high expectations, trust, respect and mutual understanding, ensuring our vision and values permeate the life of our school.


This involves maintaining a Learning Culture that builds on the past, learns from the present and embraces the future, ensuring that teaching and learning continues to be characterised by high expectations, excellence and enjoyment.


This also involves maintaining a Learning Ethos where high expectations, positive relationships, together with appropriate support and encouragement, ensures that pupils and staff achieve their full potential.

Our vision and aims are based on four core values which permeate the life of our school.


Our Values


Respectful, Responsible, Reflective, Resilient


 At Hogarth Primary School, we believe in developing our children’s learning potential so that they become respectful, responsible, reflective and resilient learners who are confident to take risks and who develop strong positive relationships to support their own learning.  We believe in developing the talents and abilities of every child through providing a stimulating learning environment in which our children are motivated to fulfil their academic, sporting and artistic potential. Our children are not educated to simply pass exams but to enjoy their learning.


In short we want our all our children to be the best that they can be!